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ARCT partner in a H2020 Proposal – INTAROS 2

|07/12/2020 |  | 

ARCT is partner in the H2020 Proposal INTAROS 2, Integrated Arctic Observation System, which is a proposed continuation of the ongoing H2020 INTAROS project led by the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, NERC https://www.nersc.no/project/intaros.
ARCT is one of 59 partners in the wide ranging Proposal and has the responsibility as task leader in a Work Package relating to workshops / seminars. The plan is to use the ARCT digital dialogue tool as an integral part of INTAROS 2. The INTAROS 2 proposal has already passed the first ‘needle’s eye’ and final feedback is expected next year.

H2020 INTAROS Project @ EU web page (intaros.eu).