How it works

ARCT™ Project screening – how it works

ARCT™ is a Decision Support Tool to manage Risk, Compliance and Local Expectations. ARCT’s vision is to “Make the right decision” on behalf of Society, Environment and Business and to stop no-go project at an earlier point in time.

The ARCT™ is currently in BETA development and focusing on business in the Arctic areas. The ARCT™ methodology and technology is ready to meet international scalability to other markets and trades!

ARCT™ is a unique map based online co-working tool that enables developers, operators, finance and contractors to work cross platform to easily map and screen project risk in early phase. The result is the possibility to valuate and make the right decisions in developing of Harbor, Airport, Shipping etc.

ARCT™ is developed to combine the need to access relevant information, include local knowledge, non-technical issues and overcome the challenges of communication when initiating operations in remote locations.

The result is an easy to use digital repeatable processes, providing current and trustworthy information needed in making way for responsible and accountable business.

The ARCT™ BETA is currently in final development and testing and will be released for commercial use first half of 2018. 

The ARCT™ is designed and developed with the user in mind: 

Web-based platform
Multiple users
Easy to use
Flexible license and fees
Access levels, manage teams and user roles
Module based development
Interactive presentations
And more…

Target Market

Infrastructure, ex. Port
Industry including mining, New Energy
Aquaculture, Shipping

Target Customers

Projecet Developers and Supply industry engaged by Project Developers
Public Sector, Government bodies and Insurance professionals