Our Story

ARCT™ - From Research to Business

The ARCT project started in 2015 as a research proposal an ambition to compare Arctic regulations, “Navigating Arctic Regulations”.


ARCT™ - streamline your regulatory processes in the Arctic.

ARCT™ «Make the right decisions from day one»

ARCT™ is Visual Project mapping of Risk and Local Expectations to manage Risk, Compliance and Social Expectations. ARCT™ will help business and stakeholders to better understand what it takes to do business in the Arctic.

  • Better informed decisions
  • Do it right the first time
  • Avoid costly delays
  • Stop “no-go” projects earlier
  • Innovation and project profitability

The key to sustainable business success is working together

The worlds eyes are on the Arctic: Due to retreating sea ice, space becomes available for new activities such as shipping, industry and tourism. These activities offer new opportunities but also complex challenges such as pressure on people and environment.

With over 30 years’ experience in project risk management the team behind the ARCT™ methodology leads a research team in developing project management tools and strategies that maximize the benefits of resource development for northern communities while minimizing the social, economic, cultural, and environmental costs.

Sustainable Business

Is Sustainable Development in the Arctic Possible?


ARCT™ – Maximize benefits of development – Minimize social, economic, cultural, and environmental costs

ARCT™ is your collaborative key tool and working methods for protecting the environment and creating sustainable and profitable development as more and more countries and businesses turn their attention towards the North Pole

Karin Berentsen, 100 % owner of ARCT AS, is the Project Owner of ARCT.

The ARCT business project is a prized start-up project selected to participate in several Norwegian incubator programs; Ipart Tech Startup Accellerator (ITSA), 2016 Angel Challenge, SR Bank and Stavanger Nye muligheter with free office space and mentoring.

Background and Funding

At a meeting with Innovation Norway (IN) at the 2016 Arctic Frontiers conference the project turned into a commercial project. ARCT applied for and received funding for a Pilot project from IN, February 2016 (36 000 USD / 300 000 NOK). In September, ARCT received main project funding (1.5 mill. NOK).