How it works

ARCT™ Project screening and Stakeholder engagement – how it works

ARCT™ is a Stakeholder Engagement Tool to manage Risk, Compliance and Local Expectations. ARCT’s vision is to “Make the right decision” on behalf of Society, Environment and Business and to stop no-go project at an earlier point in time.

The ARCT™ methodology and mapping tool is adaptable to any project type, global location and languages, and works in any market and trade!

The ARCT™ BETA is currently seeking pilot customers. 
ARCT™ is a unique method and mapping tool to involve Stakeholders in the cross-road between Society, Environment and Business. At the same time, ARCT is a practical and repeatable way to report on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

ARCT™ is easy to use and adaptable to user needs in any global business and market. The co-working tool enables experts and laymen within construction, finance/investment and other trades to work cross platform to easily map early phase project risk with repeatable work processes.

The ARCT™ development started in 2016 is enabled with the support from Innovation Norway, European Space Agency and partners.

The ARCT™ is designed and developed with the user in mind: 

Web-based platform
Multiple users
Easy to use
Module based development
Interactive presentations
And more…

Target Market

ARCT™’s target market is Stakeholder Engagement in any global project that needs to determine the best location and design.

ARCT™ is adaptable to any spatial planning project, global business or markets within for example:

Infrastructure construction; windmills, harbor, airport, roads, pipelines
Industry, Finance, Insurance; Mining, Shipping, Transport,
Energy (wind, hydro, solar, Oil&Gas)
Spatial and Urban planning, Coastal zoning

Target Customers

Projecet Developers and Supply industry engaged by Project Developers
Public Sector, Government bodies and Insurance professionals